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starting on 19th of March 2024

Jiu jitsu ("gentle art") is a form of martial art and sports originally from Japan that focuses on wrestling techniques instead of kicks. Unlike other forms of wrestling  (judo, sambo, Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling) one does not win by throws or holds, but when the opponent gives up (by submission).  The most common ways to submit in jiu jitsu are strangle holds, arm and leg locks. 

By skillfully using jiu jitsu techniques, adding knowledge in human anatomy, lifting force, pressure and timing, it is possible to compensate the opponent's physical strength, speed, flexibility and endurance advantage.

Jiu jitsu training is suitable for people of all ages. In addition to full body training, each workout also develops strategic thinking, concentration and self-confidence. Jiu jitsu is also called physical chess.

During the initial course, the basics of jiu jitsu are learned - the main dominant positions and the most common submissions and defence against them. No previous training or knowledge of martial arts is required. After completing the 4-month introductory course, you can also join advanced training.  

First beginners class starts on 19.03.2024
Classes are held on
Tuesdays and Thursdays 18:00 - 19:30 (Evening class) or
Monday to Thursdays  12:00 - 13:30 (Morning class)
In addition open mats on Fridays and Sundays ar 18:00 (1:1 sparring without coaching) 

The course is held 19.03 - 07.07.2024
Price 200€
To register to the course, it's necessary to pay the whole sum in advance (if needed 100€ + 100€ is also possible)

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